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bowenarrow said: write down every little thing that you see! use all your senses! how does the wind feel??? wow that root looks funny, it reminds me of this. I would love this assignment

Yeah haha, it should be so easy and fun but it’s oddly challenging for me! I’m usually a very concise writer so this will definitely be a new skill for me. I’m putting too much pressure on myself to write something meaningful/profound and important 

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For one of my classes I have to go sit in one spot in the woods and write a 2 page journal entry about it every week. Well it’s week one and I’ve written about all I can say about this damn spot and I still have a page to go…this is #2deep4me

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I really love your blog.

Asked by partydad420

Thanks partydad I enjoy yours quite a lot as well! Here’s to a blossoming mutual followership!

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It's hard to figure out how to say this to you without you taking it the wrong way, but you're really pretty without makeup on. You wear a lot all the time, but you look great without it, so. Yeah.

Asked by Anonymous

No you totally made my day! That means a lot; thanks anon :) While I do love my makeup dearly, it’s nice to hear that as I’ve always had some insecurity there

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Grand Portal Point (by softclay)


Grand Portal Point (by softclay)

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Fuco Ueda


Fuco Ueda

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Cast of ‘Orange is the New Black’ // EMMY Magazine (photo by Steve Schofield) // 2014
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